Innovative & Upgrading!

“Occupied mind is a creative powerhouse” We are always in process of giving our clients the best presentation and we keep upgrading our counters and food recipes. We get new things in the market such as photo menu, food festival and so on…

Amol Shubhash Chavan | Founder

Plant something and nurture and watch it grow. Amol had a definite vision for his company. Like a seed grows into a beautiful flower, Amol has relentlessly worked for his dreams to make it to reality. Amol comes with a humble beginning and has maintained the simplicity and hard-working attitude to his way up. A dynamic personality who will understand all your requirements and will provide you an honest opinion.  

It’s a fast-growing firm!

With a go-getter attitude, we seize the opportunity and then work efficiently to keep our promises. We have been running the Lokmanya Nagar Sabhagruha for more than 3 years with full devotion.

Company Overview

Akshay Catering is a customer-focused catering company located in the Heart of food lovers, Mumbai… We provide some of the highest levels of customer service with a dedicated staff and hardworking team. We’re driven to provide the most valuable, high-quality catering in Mumbai and we consistently deliver successful events to our clients.

Akshay Caterers was formed in 2007, It is a fast-growing firm, which got an opportunity to run the Lokmanya Nagar Sabhagruha situated at Dr. C. G. Desai Marg, Off. J. K. Sawant Marg, Opp. Manmala Devi Temple, Next to Star City Cinema, Matunga Road (West), Mumbai -400 016, during the period September 2014 to August 2017 for Decoration & amp; Catering Services. The same got extended for further 3 years i.e September 2017 to August 2020, purely due to owner’s trustworthiness, Quality, and fair services to the customers. The most commendable part of our organization is that we have repeat customers. We are humbled by this gesture and at the same time we are proud of our unmatchable services that we provide.

Our Team

Firm has around on an average 20 to 25 member’s team (depending upon an event). We keep cordial relation with our team. There is low labour turnover in the firm because of healthy work environment.

Every employee is dependent on his fellow employees to work together and contribute efficiently to make your event successful. In order to do that we have a very co-operative and hard working team at your service. In our organization, individuals having a similar interest and specializations come together on a common platform and form a team.

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Come over a coffee!

Akshay Caterers welcomes inquiries and your comments. Especially comments on how we can improve our services. We strive to respond to every comment with an answer or an appropriate referral as quickly as possible. Most comments will be responded to within 7 business days.